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About Us

Family Farming

Plane Trees Farm is run by Ruth and Lee Unsworth along with Ruth’s Mum Joyce. We arrived at Plane Trees Farm in June 2018 and bought our first flock of sheep off the previous owner Ann Barlow.
Over the past 3 Years we have expanded and our animals now include rare breed Gloucester old spot and saddle back pigs, rare breed Golden Guernsey Goats and Shetland sheep. All our animals take time to rear, nothing is rushed, they are well cared for and they produce excellent meat, milk and wool.
They are all reared naturally where possible and given back scratches when needed. We believe that farming on a small scale, not using chemical pesticides or fertiliser gets the best out of our animals and land.

Old Spots & Saddlebacks

Babs, our first Old Spot sow arrived to the farm in October 2020. She was closely followed by Hugo the boar, and Phyllis the Saddleback. Since then we've been busy building pig arks, installing fencing and creating custom scratch post stations for the growing herd.

Shetland Sheep

Our desire to nurture native & rare breeds led us away from rearing more commercial breeds of sheep. Shetland sheep are a fantastic primitive breed, with an amazing fleece. Ruth hand shears and processes all the wool on the farm. Keep your eyes out for woollen Christmas baubles arriving into the shop.